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The best mechanics, the best parts, the most critical experience plus a great attitude combines to form Toro's Automotive team, the most trusted mechanics in Northern VA.

Whether you need emergency towing, immediate repair, service or upgrades we can take care of it! Anything inside your car can be fixed or upgraded to become better, stronger and faster... with a level of reliability that is second to none.




--a letter from the owner

   We won our first Intenational racing cup 23 years ago with a small team of family and friends. I was very young, but learned from the best and loved it! I learned the important things - that it is crucial to get things perfect, because a mistake at high speeds spells disaster.

   Speed, accuracy, and knowledge - these three things are what make the difference between the winners and everyone else... and winning is a habit! Once it is in your blood, you don't want to do anything else.

   Mechanics from other pits started asking how we did what we did... and we basically told them the truth. Love. Love what you do, and everything will work better. The cars you care for will care for you in return. We realized that we had a great thing going, and I have brought that here to Northern Virginia for my customers.

   Use the best parts, have the best mechanics who love what they do, and truly work with your customers for their most positive experience possible. This is what we do here at Toro's, and I personally invite you to come and see how a winning team can make a difference!


Car not stopping right or making noises? ABS light on or you need a brake upgrade? We are your one "stop" shop for:

  • Bleed, Filll and Adjust Brakes
  • Cylinder, Hose and Line Replacement
  • ABS Diagnosis and Repair
  • Power Boosters
  • Ceramics and Top Shelf Products

Take care of your engine, and your engine will take care of you!  Whether you need diagnostics, performance increases, or simply have that light come on, we are here for you!

  • Test/Replace belts and hoses
  • Spark plugs, and wire replacement
  • Sensor testing and replacement
  • Oil and Filter changes
  • Fuel Injector repair/replacement

Does your car make every molehill into a mountain? Perhaps it is time to replace your shocks or struts:

  • Oil, spring or gas shock absorber repair and replacement
  • Replacing worn, damaged, or missing steering or suspension parts
  • Test/improve the front tire alignment
  • Improve steering for optimal ride comfort

Does your A/C blow but is just not cool? Is your Heater not doing the job? We can help:

  • Repair of fans, hoses, and seals
  • Testing and troubleshooting of airflow and ventilation
  • Freon testing and recharging
  • Compressor and Blower Motor Repair
  • Condenser/evaporator testing and repair
  • Vacuum leak repair

An exhaust system is just like your nose - you need it to breathe! If it is dripping or stuffed up, you need a doc - or in this case, Toro's!

Do your headlights go out when you honk your horn? Does your battery drain even when you haven't left anything on? Time to get some help before you blow your last fuse!

Is your vehicle slipping gears? Does the engine make grinding noises even in neutral? Is there a delay when you try and shift gears? Mechanical Transmission problems can be solved at Toro's!

Spring or Winter, after a long trip or just before one - knowing for sure your car is in peak condition is vital for peace of mind for you and yours!

  • Repair/replacement of holes, disconnected parts or leaks in the exhaust system
  • Replacement of failing catalytic converter
  • Muffler replacement for reduction in exhaust volume and an increase in fuel efficiency
  • Batteries tested and/or replaced
  • Starters fixed and/or replaced
  • Alternator's fixed/replaced
  • Circuitry, hard lines, cables, lights, fuses, idiot lights, wiring can all be tested, fixed, replaced and even upgraded!
  • Transmissions tested and flushed
  • Transmission upgrades available
  • New Transmission replacements for older/broken available

Spring Car Checkup - includes over 30 points checked!

Winter Car Checkup - includes over 40 points checked!

Used Car Purchase Checkup - a total car overview

Pre/Post Trip Car Checkup - Whether before or after, its about safety first

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