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About Us...

We love what we do, and our customers trust us to treat their car like we would ours. We treat you like family, and look out for you and your car's best interest by giving you what you need.

Toro's Automotive works on everything on the inside of your car - if it isn't bodywork, we do it. We can make your can better, faster, stronger, and keep it going that way for years.

Our Customers

A good example of a "regular" customer came in today, proud that he was purchasing a new Toyota, but sad that he was getting rid of his older one... it had 327,000 miles on it and ran perfectly! He has been with us for over 10 years and knows we will always take care of him. We want you to see why our customers come here, and then never go anywhere else!



Quality Automotive Services


   Quality, not quantity. We will always be straight with you and tell you what is going on every step of the way. Loving our work and having the integrity to only do what is needed is how we do it.

   Whether you have one motorized bicycle or a fleet of semi's, we can handle your needs and help you to ensure everything is perfect!


Mechanics Who Love Cars


   Our Mechanics love working on vehicles, and are VERY good at what they do. We are the people that others come to when they really need answers, when other mechanics can't do it, when they truly need it to be  done right.

   When you want you and your vehicle to be treated like family - with love and respect - come toToro's Automotive!


Spanish Spoken Here!


   Nuestros mecánicos en el taller hablan espanol y lo atenderan y explicaran con cortesia cada paso del proceso de arreglo de su automobil.


Pleasant Atmosphere


   We treat you like family - with care, respect and integrity. The comfortable, relaxed atmosphere is the perfect place to wait while your vehicle becomes the best it can be!


I have worked with Toro's for years because they always treat me and my car right. Before I go on a road trip, before a vacation I always check with Marcelo because I can count on the fact that when they say it is good, it will last.

Carlos Armeinar


I went to the car dealer for my Avalon, and they gave me a quote for over $2500 to get my car fixed up right. I went to Toro's, and they let me know what the REAL quote should have been, why I didn't need all of the services listed, and his quote was under $1500. My car is doing perfect, and I won't go anywhere else!

Alicia Fremmer


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